Benevolent Beats—Feeding the Hungry Through Amazon’s Generosity

Such a great concept… gives everyone $2 free, and lets you give that to charity by buying music for yourself! But, I will let them explain—from the website: is running a promotion through next Monday, February 14th: enter a code, get a $2 credit to spend in their MP3 store. They’re basically giving away free money, albeit in a form that can only be used to buy a product from them. This presents an interesting opportunity, though: if an artist on the receiving end of this promotional moola chose to contribute his or her income from Amazon sales to a worthy cause, we’d have essentially created a mechanism for transforming this near-limitless supply of free “Amazon bucks” into real money for charity. This is exactly what we’re proposing.

We’ve created a small but growing coalition of independent musicians that have pledged to donate their income from promotional MP3 store sales to charity. If you’ll use the $2 that Amazon is giving you to buy a track or two from from any of these artists, 100% of that artist’s income from your purchase will be donated to Project Open Hand, a great organization that feeds thousands of people in the Bay Area.

So what are you waiting for? Free music, AND the proceeds go to charity!? Go to and get involved today!!

San Francisco: Infinite City Atlas

I was browsing through the bookstore last weekend and happened upon a wonderful new atlas of San Francisco, entitled Infinite City. One of those experiences where once I picked it up, I had to own it and read it cover-to-cover. 22 beautifully illustrated maps comparing otherwise unheard of categories such as: murder counts vs. monterey cyprus trees, queer public spaces vs. monach butterflies, and cullinary treats vs. poison generators.

If you care about San Francisco’s rich topography,
then this is a no-brainer gift for yourself.

Editor’s note: For additional reviews (and a peek at some of the maps mentioned above), check out 7×7 and Utne Reader.

Music: The Book

Every song to some degree is an accident

If you are a fan of LEGENDmag, you know that it’s music that makes us tick.

Well… a wonderful new book (and iPad app) just came out, showcasing 50 diverse musicians talking about just that. Deceptively simple and straight to the point—it seems to push aside all frivolity and get right to the point.

Amazing and beautifully executed.
I am downloading my copy as I type this.

Enjoy the trailer below.

Andrew Zuckerman Music Trailer from Andrew Zuckerman Studio on Vimeo.

A Very Hot Fire Cabaret ignites at The Crucible in Oakland

The hottest show around, Heat: A Fire Cabaret, ignites in just one week! The Crucible studios in Oakland, CA will be transported to a forgotten time (referred to as the Frigid Era), when fire prohibition was in full swing and all fire-related extravagances were outlawed. Go visit their hot speakeasy with drinking, dancing and illicit fire!

I have said it before and I will say it again: The Crucible puts on wonderfully unique, must-see shows. They spend countless hours planning, building, and perfecting stages and props and put on these limited-run productions. So grab a date, go by yourself, or collect a gaggle of buddies… whatever you do, just go get your tickets now for this limited two-night engagement (July 16-17, 2010).

From the press release:

Heat: A Fire Cabaret will feature a stage show as well as saucy theatrical demonstrations that blend the industrial and performing arts to create some very unique sideshows. Thoughout the evening we’ll have arc welding flash dance, torch cutting burlesque, MIG welding strip tease, a jewelry peep show, TIG welding aerial and many more creative and sexy diversions.

Other tempting frivolity includes vintage cars by Jim Callahan, fire sculptures, a light sculpture garden, and Photo Boof, a fun photo booth with an old-fashioned twist. Bring your camera for all the photo ops, and we encourage you to dress in your Deco best!

Don’t get left out in the cold.

WORLD PREMIERE VIDEO: “Perceive This Music” by World-Renowned Audio/Visual Artist Komega

In honor of Mother’s Day (and to leave you with a recent something spectacular from our favorite video guru Sabina Fowler), I proudly present Craig “Komega” Doerty’s newest video Perceive This Music:

The track and HD Video are available on his website. Here’s the press release:

Music: Komega
Co-Directors: Sabina Fowler & Komega (Craig Dorety)
Producer & Editor: Sabina Fowler
Spaceman: kc! Bradshaw

Special Thanks to: Veronica Gordon, Jim Campbell, Jodie Marko, Juilan Giardinelli, and David Luu

Electronic musician / LED artist Craig Dorety produced the music for this piece. Craig has been composing music for over 12 years and performing live for the last 7 years. He designs and builds his own custom controllers and utilizes them in his live performances. His most recent creations include creating custom audio-controlled LED artwork, some of which are featured in this video.

Video Producer Sabina Fowler conceived and shot the spaceman portion of the project, providing inspiration for this piece. She also sorted the nuts and bolts to get the project done.

This video also features over 3,000 LEDs in artwork borrowed from Jim Campbell ( Jim Campbell has been creating artwork for over 20 years and has has been featured in international museums and galleries.

Special thanks to Veronica for “having the technology” and to kc! Bradshaw for wearing a thirty pound spacesuit for several hours. And thanks go Jodie Marko for kindly allowing us the use of the spacesuit. Final thanks to Julian Giardinelli who help sort some technical bits and to David Luu who was the final eye and feedback for the piece.

Without their help and the help of others, this video would have not been able to be made.

Full disclosure: I play the part of the spaceman in the video… but that shouldn’t distract from the fact that the video is badass. Enjoy!

Clones & Colors: Now playing at

A new Veggie Burritos joint has been posted just in time for the stoniest holiday of the year. So what is a veggie burrito, you ask? Jus the most happinen little website and home to local San Francisco DJ Snackfight who specializes in Afrobeat, Jazz, and Funk concoctions that soothe the soul. And well, if you haven’t been tuned in and turned on yet… get straight skinny from the horses mouth:

This was recorded a couple of days ago as part of a continuous set, straight from the vinyl. I was at the tail end of a flu spell, and I was just starting to feel better. The weather was absolutely gorgeous here in SF, so I opened all the windows and blew the (bad) sickness out with some serious (good) illness. You’ll hear Whitefield Brothers, Tommy Guerrero, Marcus Belgrave, The Clonious, Madlib, Jimi Tenor, The Lions and Bronx River Parkway, though not in that order. I made a cut at the 40-minute mark, and the set moves on from there. I may post that next bit later on in a future installment.

“Clones and Colors” is perfect for a backyard BBQ. Or maybe the hour around sunset, spent on the couch sipping African rooibos tea. Or late at night when the haze has descended and the heads are nodding. It’s yours now, do with it what you will.

Come Join LoveTech SF and help celebrate their 1 year anniversary in style!! (video)

If you are going to be near San Francisco this weekend, then make it a point to come out and celebrate the epic, 1 Year Anniversary of LoveTech SF!

The monthly event focuses on high-caliber live, electronic music nerdery (in the best possible way). It is a place where you can find people droppin’ beats, chugging beers, and bending circuits… all for the pleasure of the crowd. Whatever, preconceived ideas you may have forget them. Show up and entertain your brain with a night of fantastic experience. Here are the UPDATED details:

Saturday 1/30 9pm-2am
LoveTech @ Il Pirata
2007 16th St (@ Utah St) in San Francisco, CA

Our Epictacular 1 Year Anniversary of LoveTech at Il Pirata (Utah & 16th St) will be the most mind meltingly awe striking music technology and interactive multimedia art party on the planet, with 5 LIVE electronic music + multimedia performances and all night Educational PlayShops! We are bringing back the original lineup with entirely new setups and inspiring new collaborations formed at LoveTech! Plus special top-secret surprises that will leave you utterly amazed and brimming with inspiration!

12 PRESHISH MOMENTS + surprises!

Playshops (hosted by Barry Threw):
09:30 MOLDOVER premieres his new MOJO controller.
10:00 Komega‘s Kustom Kreations: Kromatron, Komegatone, the Breadman.
10:30 PRESHISH MOMENTS showcases a Sound Reactive LED Light Suit and Splinter.
11:00 Tim Thompson’s NoSuch Clips
11:30 Nonagon’s Multimedia Showcase
12:00 Colfax’s Musical Mastery

Be sure to arrive early!

For more about the event:
Join their Facebook Group
RSVP to the Facebook Event
Sign up for the Mailing List.

See you there!

Classy recycling: Reclaimed shopping-cart furniture

A clever project with a great result. I would love to see a how-to for this project, but if you consider yourself industrious enough with building things, I am sure you will get some hints from the detailed photographic evidence on Ramon Coronado’s website.

In the words of the artist:

Mercado Negro is a Spanish word for Black Market. This 12 week project deals with reclaiming an ordinary, everyday object and transforming it into something with a completely different purpose. I also wanted to create a project that commented on the shortage of parks and recreational
functions in Los Angeles.

Moving to Los Angeles four years ago from the small population of Cathedral City was a major eye opener. Los Angeles felt like an entirely new world separate from everything that I had known or experienced before. With little knowledge of LA and it’s neighborhoods, I ended up living across the street from MacArthur Park, a dangerous lower income area, overpopulated with homeless, and trash, but with a heavy Hispanic influence.

Spending a year in this area exposed me to the lack of recreational areas for kids in Los Angeles. The irony being that I lived across from MacArthur park, but because of it’s dangerous reputation, no children would ever go there to play and often resorted to playing on the streets running in and out of traffic.

This area is filled with trash on the sidewalks, people sleeping everywhere, and an abundance of shopping carts. Shopping carts exist everywhere and anywhere throughout the city of LA and include themselves as part of LA’s landscape. A shopping cart says a lot about a city. Seeing one on every block adds attention to the poverty and that there is no control of private property.

I took it upon myself to take a shopping cart and make a statement with it. I reclaimed LA’s iconic shopping cart and created furniture for kids to enjoy in these urban Los Angeles areas. The project is a criticism of the scarcity of recreational functions for kids growing up in a dense city like Los Angeles.

(via Gizmodo)